Accomplishments of Good Steward

                             and Its Predecessor Project.....So Far







C. Support of Other Book/Library Projects.

            Books for training of United Methodist Ministers of the East African Conference   of the United Methodist Church in Kampala—100+ Methodist ministers

                        The Zeu Health Clinic Library- Clinic serves 20,000+ patients, only such library

                        The Nyapea Hospital Library-Only Hospital in a district with 250,000+ people

                        4 libraries at schools for orphans built by Promise International-160 children

                        Provided the Kibo School in Kampala (for HIV positive youth and young adults                               seeking career training) several hundred business and career oriented books-65                          youth

                        The Zeu Women’s Soccer Club and similar clubs throughout the district—                                     40+ women (other clubs are apparently forming)

                        Stocking a library for the bishop of the United Methodist Church for East Africa                            (Kampala)-benefiting many people

                        Provision of boxes of religious books to Churches and Parishes in the Nebbi and                            Zombo Districts

                        The Zeu Primary School’s Art School and Gallery—several hundred children

                        Establishment of a collection of books supportive of the worth and dignity of                                 Women at the Warr Girls School—200 students

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