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Other Literacy Programs Around The Globe

Learn About Books for Development's Other Literacy Programs in Libraries Around The Globe!

Complementary Programs

In addition to establishing libraries, Books for Development also from time to time works on complementary programs that advance welfare and help libraries to function better and meet a broader range of community needs and interests.

African Animal Drawing Classes

One of our volunteers, Amy McDowell, was interested in teaching children how to draw and specifically chose the local wildlife as subjects for a course that she has developed. This course has now been taught in Zambia, Entebbe (the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre) and at the Library of the African Nile. The course is being considered for a more substantial roll-out, including to be used to assist individuals to generate income by teaching tourists how to draw African animals.


Chess Clubs

Books for Development for several years has actively encouraged the teaching of chess and the establishment of Chess clubs in its libraries. Chess is not only an excellent game for developing mathematical and strategic thinking skills, but it is also an excellent game for encouraging visits favorable exposure to the library. Our efforts to promote Chess culminated in April 2023 in the establishment of a several table Chess Club as part of the Library of the African Nile in Pakwach, Uganda.



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