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Books For Development Library in Africa

To address the book famine that exists in many underdeveloped countries and promote worldwide literacy by establishing libraries using generous donations, volunteers, donated books.

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Our Impact

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Our impact goes beyond the pages of a book. From delivering books to establishing libraries and training librarians, we are creating pathways to knowledge, fostering a love for reading, and empowering people to thrive.

1.5 Million Books & Counting...

Volunteer Reading Book To Child

Every book holds the power to ignite imaginations, inspire minds, and change lives.

With a relentless dedication to addressing the book famine in developing countries, we have delivered over 1.5 million books to underserved communities worldwide. As we continue our mission, we are proud to be making a tangible impact, book by book, enriching lives and transforming futures.

Over 500 Libraries Built Worldwide

Libraries in Africa

Uganda Flag


300+ Libraries Established

Botswana Flag


20+ Libraries Established

Kenya Flag


50+ Libraries Established

Ghana Flag


20+ Libraries Established

Malawi  Flag


50+ Libraries Established

Zambia Flag


6 Libraries Established

Libraries in The Americas

Belize Flag


30+ Libraries Established

USA Flag

United States

Local Deliveries Of Books

Guyana Flag


20+ Libraries Established

Jamaica Flag


7 Libraries Established

Hundreds of Librarians Trained

Our commitment to empowering communities extends beyond providing books.

We have trained hundreds of librarians, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to foster a love of reading, organize library resources, and making a lasting impact on literacy and education in their communities.

Trained Librarians in Uganda
The Library Of The African Nile

African Nile

The Library Of The

Dive into the captivating journey of Books For Development's most ambitious library project yet.

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