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To address the book famine that exists in many underdeveloped countries and promote worldwide literacy by establishing libraries using generous donations, volunteers, donated books.

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Donate Books &
Make A Difference!

We gratefully accept donations of new and gently-used books at our warehouse in Houston.

Donate Books in Houston

Ways You Can Donate Books

Books We Need

We gratefully accept any & all book donations. Here is the list of our most needed books that we ship to developing nations.

Childrens Books

Children's Books

For all age (preschool-teen)

Fiction & non-fiction



Including encyclopedias
on CD-ROM (PC Format)

Health Books.png

Health Books

Especially "Where There is No
Doctor" type books

Ecology & Nature Books.png

Ecology/Nature Books

Books about ecology, nature
the environment, and animals

Classic Books.png

Classic Books

Including simplified classics

English Readers.png

English Readers

English readers & grammar,
and similar books

Science & Math Books.png

Science/Math Books

Textbooks or STEM-related books
for all grades (K-University)

Vocational Books.png

Vocational Books

Books about plumbing, carpentry,
electrical wiring, and more



Including picture

How To Books.png

"How To" Books

Arts & crafts, handyman, carpentry, plumbing and electrical

Farm & Garden Books.png

Farm/Garden Books

Books about agriculture, animals, beekeeping, vegetable gardening,

National Geographic Magazines.png

National Geographic

We do not accept any other magazines or journals.

Book Donation Guidelines

In order to minimize our sorting efforts, please do your best to ensure all donated books meet the guidelines below:

Guidelines on Content/Condition


New & Gently-Used Books


Paperback or Hardcover


Wholesome & Family-Friendly


Fiction or Non-Fiction

Books We Do Not Need


Books in Bad Condition


Books with Inappropriate Content


Witchcraft or Black Magic Books


American Culture & History Books


Old & Outdated Non-Fiction Books

Book Shelves For Book Donations

Inspire Minds With A Book Box!

Want a creative & impactful project?

Consider creating a Mobile Library Book Box to inspire communities across the world. A Book Box is a curated collection of books on a specific topic, from fascinating histories to health & medicine.

"Whenever a Book Box comes with those kinds of books - All that out kids can do is talk about becoming nurses & doctors"

Book Box
  • When and where do I drop off book donations?
    Donations of gently-used books can be dropped off at sorting warehouse in Houston on Saturdays from 9am-Noon. Click here for directions.
  • What do you do with books that you can't send?
    For books that we can't send, we nonetheless make a real effort to find a “good home” for any wholesome books. To that end, we work with other local literacy groups, charter schools, jails, and Spanish speaking groups, to avoid ever throwing away books that we think can help to improve anyone’s life.
  • Do the people you provide books to speak and read English?
    Yes, English is widely, but not exclusively, spoken in the countries we work in. For example, in Uganda, while English is the official language, the constitution recognizes 56 tribes and nine indigenous communities.
  • Can I donate books that are not in English?
    Yes, we gladly accept book donations that are not in English. Books in native languages of various African & Spanish-speaking countries are highly valuable as they enable readers to engage with literature and educational resources in their own language.
  • Are there any specific criteria for the condition of the donated books?
    We appreciate book donations in good condition; free of excessive damage, minimal or no notes/markings, and intact pages.
  • Where can I get more information on book boxes?
    Please download our mobile library book box information sheet. This gives you all of the details needed to put together your own book box that can circulate to various districts throughout Africa.
  • What kind of books are you looking for?
    Generally, we are looking for any kind of wholesome books, both fiction and non-fiction. We routinely have difficulty finding enough books on Soccer, Philosophy, English Language, primary or secondary mathematics, so we especially appreciate those subjects. See our Printable Book List. We have a very limited need for Cookbooks, books on regional or local history, books regarding American culture, books regarding American politics or books focused on problems or issues unique to wealthy countries or people. Similarly, books on technical subjects that are very dated are not useful.
  • Do you accept magazines?
    The only magazines that we accept are National Geographic.
  • Where can I donate books if I don't live in the Houston area?
    If you're not in Houston and want to donate your used books, consider checking out the Local Book Donations website. They can help you find convenient drop-off locations in your city to support the cause. Happy book sharing! 🌍📖

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