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What’s Involved in Building a                   Library?





Gathering Books

  • Each group is asked to collect books from their members, families, friends, and co-workers.


  • We strive for each library to have at least 600 books, however, we have access to many books and we can help you meet this target, with books for a few cents apiece.


  • Our experience suggests that you will be amazed at the response of people to these requests.  We ask that each library have a collection of reference books--a set of encyclopedias, an atlas, a dictionary and a thesaurus. Again, if your drive comes up short of one of these, we can help you.

​Boxing and Loading Out

  • On Saturday mornings, or by special arrangement another time, we’ll ask your group to bring your books together to our warehouse located at 3709 Polk St. near downtown.


  • We’ll help you make sure your library has “the right stuff,” and then we’ll show you how to box it up and prepare it for shipping. 


Financial Help with Shipping

  • We ask that each group that is capable raise funds to help cover their proportionate share of shipping expenses.


  • If your group is unable to raise sufficient funds, we entertain helping groups, so that they can nonetheless participate. 


If you are interested or have any questions or concerns, please contact Mark Cotham at or click below


School Selection

  • Each individual or group is welcome to review pictures of various schools we have photographed in Uganda and select one, or alternatively, we will be glad to select one for you.


  • Once you’ve made a choice, we will reserve it for you, and you can share that selection with your group—so that everyone knows who your group is helping.

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