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  Books for Development addresses the book famine that prevents children and adults in many developing countries from learning to read. We do this by building library collections since we believe that the best contribution you can make to people’s development is to promote their literacy. As a non-profit, we take donated books, use volunteers to sort them and then ship them to poor countries to create libraries. We leverage our efforts--using free labor and donated books that might otherwise be dumped in a land fill.  



Books for Development is establishing and maintaining libraries in Northwest Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, and Belize. We have built over 200 school libraries, multiple mobile libraries and 25 community/district libraries, serving over 4 million residents. We are also presently in the process of packing a container of books in Botswana in order to build school and community libraries there.  Finally, Books for Development has made several local deliveries of books to the homeless, schools, jails and Spanish speaking children, disadvantaged children during the holidays, among others.


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