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Please consider a gift to Books for Development. We need your financial support.

We operate with no paid staff. We rely on generous donations of books. We count on volunteers to sort and pack boxes of books for shipment. 

What Your Contribution Can Do:


$25 will send a copy of the book Where There is No Doctor published by the Hesperian Society.  We have been repeatedly told that this book is “saving lives” because of the critical health information it provides to people who otherwise lack any access to trained physicians.


$50 will send 50 to 100 good books to a library in East Africa. Experience teaches us that each of these books are read over and over again and in the process will help promote literacy and a culture of reading.


$300 will allow us to ship a school library for over 600 children.  These books will literally be read thousands of times and thereby help promote reading and an appreciation of education that is otherwise not possible.


$500 will purchase ten book boxes (mobile libraries) that will circulate among dozens of schools and expose hundreds of teachers and many thousands of students alike to the stimulating content of great books.


$1200 will pay for approximately ten percent of the shipment costs of a cargo container to Northwest Uganda—this would be enough books to build a community library for a district or sub-county without any library which may have ten thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand people.


$12,000 will pay for all of the shipment costs of a cargo container to a place like Northwest Uganda. This might include, as one of our cargo containers did—enough books to build seven community libraries (providing libraries serving over a half million people otherwise lacking them), forty five book boxes and over one hundred book satchels that will circulate across an entire district with over 100,000 students.



Books for Development is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit org.              All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

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