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April, 11 2024  11:30am-1pm

Luncheon For World Literacy

Books For Development Houston

Building Hope

One book at a time

Our Mission

To address the book famine that exists in many underdeveloped countries and promote worldwide literacy by establishing libraries using generous donations, volunteer labor, and donated books.

The Problem

Boy Reading a Children's Book


Of children in Sub-Saharan Africa are not proficient in reading

Illiteracy leads to:

  • Limited Access To Education: Illiteracy restricts a child's potential to learn, reducing educational opportunities.

  • Fewer Job Opportunities: Illiteracy also hinders people's capacity to acquire new skills; resulting in fewer job prospects.

  • Poverty Across Generations: Reduced education and fewer job opportunities perpetuate intergenerational poverty.

Children in Uganda

Take Action Now!


Ships One Box Of Donated Books


Helps Us Maintain Our Houston Warehouse


Provides a Librarian Training Program


Ships 1000 Books To Make a Difference

Our Commitment

At Books for Development, we believe in making every contribution count to it's fullest. We've built our organization around the principles of a Good Steward; Responsibility, accountability, and maximizing impact.

How do we do it? We rely solely on passionate volunteers—no paid staff. This approach ensures that your donations and support go directly toward creating tangible change and building libraries where they are needed the most.

Books For Development Sorting Books

More Than 500 Libraries Established Worldwide

Get Involved Today!

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