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1) With only a few hours of work and at little expense, your group can make an enormous difference in the lives of hundreds of young African children who need books to learn to read


2) This is “hands on”--your work and your brainpower (with whatever guidance you like) making a difference for a specific group of kids—nothing abstract.


3) This is a great way to build camaraderie and teamwork, all the while enjoying fellowship.


4) This lets your group reach out to friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, etc. and make a very positive statement about your group’s values-helping little children who deserve it in a smart way.


5) This gives you a chance not only to get rid of a bunch of books and free up space, but also to have the satisfaction that all your old books will be getting a great new home where they will be treasured.


6) Many people enjoy looking through and selecting good books to help compile a library. 


7) This is very educational and thought provoking, especially for youth, who will come to learn that the children in Africa desperately need books and consider them, and the education they bring, a privilege.


8) By making use of books, you will be practicing good stewardship and avoiding filling our landfills with books that African children could otherwise really use.


9) In several months time, you will receive photos and a thank you letter back from the school that you have helped. You’ll have no ongoing obligation, but will be welcome should you ever choose to visit.


10) You and your group will have great fun!

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