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The Zombo District School Libraries Project


Zombo is a new district located in Northwest Uganda, West of the Nile and bordering the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  As a new district, Zombo is engaged in catching up with the construction of schools for its previously underserved population.  It also has a series of challenges arising from the absence of reliable roads and an almost complete lack of electricity. 


  • In June, 2011, a group of thirty volunteers from Chapelwood and Houston, Texas helped build 23 school libraries and one medical clinic library.

  • Books were also gathered and shipped to help another organization build libraries at 4 orphanages and to help start libraries at 10 more and counting schools.

  • Library work was complemented by passing out 20,000 de-worming tablets--something of vital importance to these children.

  • The Chapelwood Foundation also generously donated solar lanterns that were passed out to help the children read and the local clinics be able to care for the sick at night. 





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