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Suggestions for How to Collect Books


There are a number of ways to collect good books without too much effort. These include:


First, let everyone know what you are doing and ask them to tell their friends, etc. Lots and lots of people have boxes of surplus books sitting around and would love to see them find a "good home."  So, tell your family, friends, neighbors, fellow office workers, parents of schoolmates, and so forth what you are doing.


Second, consider trading books. Many people will have good books that won't fit in our libraries, but you can trade these books at second hand book dealers, for example Katy Budget Books, and get outstanding books for libraries abroad.


Third, look for "bargain" books at garage sales, flea markets, Friends of Libraries sales, MAM, thrift shops, Half-Price Books, etc.  Again, for very little money you can often get outstanding books.

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