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Books for Development asks….


Are you the kind of person who:

     Likes the feel of a book in your hand?

Not a device with e-text, but a real hard-bound or paperback book with pages you can flip? We can give you a chance to handle several hundred books before lunch. A bibliophile’s dream!

      Likes creating order out of chaos?

We receive boxes and bags of books that reflect the endless possibilities that the publishing world offers. Some books about things you would never dream of; other books that you have dreamed of for years, but have forgotten about. We convert them to neatly packed boxes of books arranged by subject matter. A control-freak’s paradise!

      Likes transforming lives of others?

In three hours you can be part of a team that packs a pallet of books that alone will completely stock a library in a developing country, in a community that has never had books before. A philanthropist’s ideal!


If this sounds like you, come to our warehouse at 3709 Polk St. on Saturday mornings from 9:00-noon.  Bring your friends, or school, church, or non-profit service group. More information at

You’ll be glad you did!

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